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Updated: Oct 28

For a campaign to be successful in Google Ads, needs different components to work. One of these components is the landing page where users land after clicking on your ad.

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When a user for instance, makes a search for scarfs and lands on a page with clothing, he is not going to feel that he is in the right place, and instead of keeping searching there, he might leave.

It's a bit disappointing searching for something specific, and then in the same website, having to search more and more. That is why, people tend to abandon an online shop or website.

Another problem is when a website has been developed by someone that knows about graphics and programming, but not too much about sales and conversions.

The majority of websites have been built to show products and services, and provide information, but not to give instant access to things. Sometimes, they even lack of important information to pursue a purchase.

A Google Adwords campaign could be very well set, but it will never work if the landing page is not what users expect to see. One of the most common mistakes, is sending prospects to a home page, where the information is too general about a whole company, or a page with little or not much information about a business.

If you would like to be successful on your campaigns, you could start by having a proper landing page for your digital marketing strategy. Otherwise, you could be losing potential customers, since your conversion rate will be low. An appropriate landing page will do the task right, and you could see a lot more conversions, meaning, more revenue for your business, so the page will be paid off itself.

During any Pay Per Click campaign on Google Ads, you can always choose which page you want to take your visitors, after clicking on one of your ads. This gives you plenty of flexibility as well.

Google states that your landing page experience is one of the factors that determines your Quality Score.

You can always test your landing pages, evaluate its performance and make optimizations.

The main objective of a landing page for Google Ads, is to turn visitors into customers. The more relevant the information on the landing page is to what they saw in the ad, the more likely they will become customers.

Being consistent is the message on the ad and the landing page, will work wonders. Probably asking a question on the ad, and answering it with the solution on your landing page.

When using a dedicated landing page, this usually results in a 15 to 50% increase in conversion rate.

If you are running more than one campaign, it will be ideal to have a specific landing page for each campaign.

In general speaking, landing pages experience is a huge factor on your Quality Score in Google Ads, therefor, on the success of your campaign. Bear in mind that your ads may show less often (or not at all) if they point to websites that offer a poor user experience.

Successful marketing campaigns in Adwords, have a dedicated landing page, relevant to the user, the keywords and the ad.

When having different target markets, it will be right to have different landing pages.

The message of a landing page should be clear and easy to understand. Get to the point, hopefully answering the question to that person that went to Google asking for your services.

If you want to have successful PPC campaigns, these will require several components that work. From the choosing of the right keywords, creation of the ads, to the design of the landing pages. If this is too much for you or your people, to work on your own, well, consider hiring a Google Ads Agency. Book a call with us and we'll be happy to help you.

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