Take Advantage of Google Display Ads

Updated: Oct 20

If you are a new business or you are just starting an online campaign in Google Ads, you will get the chance to opt for running your campaign on the Search Network and the Display Network. Even though the option is there, we would recommend you not to take it. Why? Because, it is better to run two separate campaigns, one on the Search Network and the other one on the Display Network.

Google Display Ads

Would people search for your brand on Google? If your answer is no, then, you could start your online advertising with a Brand awareness Display Campaign on Google Ads.

You could let more and more people get familiar with your brand, and once this has happened, you can advertise with a Paid Search Campaign.

Display Campaign

With a Display Campaign, ads appear on over three million websites with content related to your ads; for instance, if you are promoting a bicycle, you could see your ad in sports sites, on YouTube,

the sports section of the news channel. It could also appear on a blog on a sports site, or even on a sports forum as well as Gmail, Blogger and mobile apps.

You could also use your Display Campaign to do Remarketing. People that have been to your website before, expressing an interest, can now get a special offer from your business and your business can get a conversion.

Images are the most crucial aspect of Responsive Display Ads. You can upload them or use the Google's library. You can also use videos on a Display Campaign to increase your reach.

Responsive Display Ads will adjust to any available advertise space on any website or App, so you don't have to create them in several sizes, just 2, and they can appear in any devices.

Besides Brand Awareness, Display Campaigns in Google Ads, are ideal for luxury products like, sports cars, jewelry, high-end watches, homes, luggage, fashion designer brands, among others.

If the product or service you are offering doesn't have many volumes in keyword searches, it will be optimal to create a Display Campaign.

And last but not least, if you would like to influence consideration of your brand, a Display Campaign would be perfect to achieve this goal.

Whenever you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us, if you are running a business and do not have time to run your digital marketing campaigns, or if you prefer to hire a professional, we are here to help you.

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